Maersk pauses transits through Red Sea / Gulf of Aden until further notice following vessel attacks


Maersk has issued an advisory to its customers informing that following the 30 December incident involving its vessel Maersk Hangzhou, it has decided to pause all transits through the Red Sea / Gulf of Aden until further notice.

An investigation into last week’s incident is ongoing and Maersk says it will continue to pause all cargo movement through the area while it further assesses the constantly evolving situation. In cases where it makes most sense for customers, vessels will be rerouted and continue their journey around the Cape of Good Hope. The latest information is available on Maersk’s diversion and contingency plans page.

On December 30, at approximately 18:00 CET, the Maersk Hangzhou was hit by an unknown object after passing through the Bab al- Mandab Strait en route from Singapore to Port Suez, Egypt. There was no indication of a fire on board and the vessel was able to continue its transit north.

After the initial attack, four boats then approached Maersk Hangzhou and opened fire in an attempt to board the vessel. Maersk Hangzhou’s security team, along with a helicopter deployed from a nearby navy vessel, successfully thwarted the attempt, sinking three of the small boats while the fourth escaped.

The crew members of the Maersk Hangzhou are all reported to be safe. Maersk says the safety of its crew is the company’s utmost priority and all necessary security measures have been implemented to protect them. The crew will also receive all the support they need from Maersk.
As shared in a previous update, Maersk Hangzhou was among the first vessels to go through the Red Sea again following confirmation that the multinational security initiatives, Operation Prosperity Guardia (OPG), had been deployed in the area.

Maersk says it remains committed to minimising the impact on its customers’ supply chains and will continue to keep the updated on the situation. If customers have any questions or would like to discuss the options for their cargo, they are invited to reach out to their local Maersk representative.