Maersk charts course towards an inclusive future


Over a year since the launch of the Equal At Sea initiative in India, Maersk has seen a 5X increase in the intake of women among fresh cadets in India.

“Our continuous efforts and immense support from the industry has started realising the future of creating an equitable environment at sea for women to thrive in,” says Karan Kochhar, Head of Marine People, Asia, Maersk. “Through our initiatives, we have been able to successfully inspire more women to choose seafaring as a career.

“We are on track to achieve our goal of having 50% women amongst fresh cadet intake in India after having gone from 7.6% of Indian women cadet intake in 2021 to a significantly increased 35% in 2022.

“As a step to accelerate this transformation, we proudly announce the Maersk Women Rating Programme in collaboration with Training Shipping Rahaman. With this programme we aim to initiate a pilot group consisting of 20 women ratings.”

“At Maersk, we have carefully designed initiatives to transform seafaring into a safe and aspiring career, encouraging young women to aim for their future at sea,” adds Niels Bruus, Head of Marine People & Culture, Maersk.

‘Maersk’s global women seafarer count has grown from 2% in 2021 to 3.3% in 2023, and we are committed to facilitating a further increase in women seafarers worldwide. In our quest for equality, we are committed to playing an active role by sharing our learnings, training material, and other valuable content with individuals, organisations, and institutions who share our vision.”