Louis Dreyfus Freight Solutions and Wallenius Wilhelmsen partner on transportation of Airbus A220 components between China and Canada

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Louis Dreyfus Freight Solutions, a subsidiary of the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group, has signed a multi-year contract with Airbus for the transportation of A220 components from the production plant in Shenyang, China to the final assembly plant in Mirabel, Canada.
With 20 years of experience in the transport of A380, A400M and A320 aircraft components, Louis Dreyfus Freight Solutions is delighted to extend its partnership to Airbus Canada with the A220 in 2021.

“This contract represents a major step in the development and diversification of the logistics activity of high added value cargoes for the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs Group,” underlines Edouard Louis-Dreyfus President of the Louis Dreyfus Armateurs group. “It also reinforces our bonds with Airbus, strengthening the relationship established two decades ago.”

An efficient and flexible combined transport solution Louis Dreyfus Freight Solutions offers an efficient and flexible combined transport solution based on the expertise of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen company for both land and maritime transport.

The collaboration offers optimal management of transport conditions, guaranteeing Airbus Canada regularity in supplying the Canadian assembly plant at Mirabel. The solution will provide Airbus with end-to-end visibility on their cargo as it moves through the supply chain, allowing them to better plan their operations.

“This contract further demonstrates our position as a provider of end-to-end logistics services,” said Torbjørn Wist, Acting CEO of Wallenius Wilhelmsen. “We are proud to offer our expertise in delivering high value, out-of-gauge aircraft components between the Asian and North American continents. I look forward to collaborating with Louis Dreyfus Freight Solutions to simplify Airbus’ supply chain.”
The logistics plan includes a segment of land transport from the production plant in Shenyang to the port of Dalian, a crossing of the Pacific Ocean by sea through the Panama Canal to reach the East coast of the United States. This is followed by a second segment of land transport from the port of Baltimore – where Wallenius Wilhelmsen operates its own terminal activity and several processing facilities – to the assembly plant in Mirabel, Canada.

The combined Louis Dreyfus/Wallenius Wilhelmsen solution offers transport of the outsize A220 components cargoes from production plant in China to assembly plant in Canada in 48 or 50 days with two sailings per month providing an improved end-to-end logistics with a reduced carbon footprint.