London’s top six shipbrokers in £50,000 Cutty Sark donation



London’s top shipbrokers have backed the project to secure the future of the world’s most famous sailing ship, Cutty Sark, by donating a cheque for £50,000 to aid conservation work following last year’s fire.

Keith Amato, Director of ACM, Denis Petropoulos, Joint Managing Director of Braemar Seascope, Robert Knight, Managing Director of tankers at Clarksons, Martyn Burst from Galbraith’s, Kevin Rose, Director at Gibson and Michael Brown, Managing Director of SSY presented the cheque to Richard Doughty, CEO of the Cutty Sark Trust.

Although only 2% of the Cutty Sark’s original structure was damaged by the fire, the scope of this landmark project, designed to safeguard the future of this international maritime icon, has been significantly increased

Denis Petropoulos, Joint Managing Director of Braemar Seascope, said the Cutty Sark was an important part of London’s heritage and all six companies believed it was a very good cause.

“As brokers, we almost have an obligation to help educate the world going forward about the splendours of our shipping heritage and of shipping in general. Shipbroking is a very important part of the international maritime industry,” he said.

Keith Amato, Director of ACM, said: “A lot of work has been undertaken on the project and we all felt it was right to contribute to the conservation project.”

When the project is completed in March 2010, Cutty Sark will ‘float’ once more, suspended three metres above the bottom of her dry berth. This space will become a magnificent gallery and will also give visitors a unique opportunity to see the wonderful shape of the ship’s hull. During the day the space will be a focus for learning and at night it will take on a truly enchanted atmosphere, making it a unique venue for all manner of community events and functions. In addition the gallery will be rededicated as a memorial to the men of the Merchant Service, both those lost during the great days of sail and during the two world wars.