London retains its crown in international maritime arbitration


The London Maritime Arbitrators Association has published a strong set of caseload statistics for 2023. Arbitrators reported 3,268 new appointments under its Terms and Procedures in an estimated 1,845 references. This represents an increase from the numbers of appointments and references in 2022, which were themselves significantly higher than those of the previous year.

In LMAA references, arbitrators published an estimated 436 awards in 2023. 69 awards were made after oral hearings, in comparison to 93 in 2022. Given that the total number of awards is up from 420 in 2022, this may indicate that more cases were resolved by reference to documents and written submissions only, a particularly efficient and cost-effective procedure in appropriate cases.

LMAA President David Steward said: “The LMAA’s case statistics continue to reflect the huge number of parties worldwide who choose international arbitration on the Association’s Terms and Procedures to resolve their maritime disputes, not only in the shipping industry but also in offshore energy and international trade.

“We are very grateful to all the arbitrators who contributed to these statistics.”