LNG “only viable fuel” to reduce shipping’s GHG footprint, report says

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LNG as a marine fuel is the only viable option for shipping to reach IMO 2050, according to a new report.

The report, published by Peter Keller, Chairman of SEA-LNG, the multi-sector industry coalition advocating for LNG as a marine fuel throughout the entire value chain, offers an in-depth insight into LNG as a marine fuel and its clear pathway for the shipping industry’s decarbonisation.

It argues that LNG-fuelled vessels are “zero-emissions on the water today” as they offer a clear route to IMO 2050 thanks to carbon-free liquefied bio-methane which can be easily adopted by LNG-fuelled vessels and LNG infrastructure.

As the debate is fast descending into “my solution versus your solution”, Keller comments that waiting for a “utopian solution” risks locking the maritime industry into the highly polluting conventional oil-based marine fuels for years, if not decades, to come.

The report offers an insight into the state of play regarding LNG as a marine fuel. It also highlights the promising role that modern dual-fuel engines’ ability to accelerate decarbonisation while countering the points surrounding methane slip.

To read the whole report visit https://sea-lng.org/2020/08/lng-the-only-viable-fuel/