LISW23 Headline Conference set to deep dive into shipping’s challenges


London International Shipping Week’s Headline Conference this year is shaping up to be an in-depth dive into global trade and economic security.

Taking place on Wednesday September 13th 2023 at the London headquarters of the International Maritime Organization, the LISW23 Headline Conference will be chaired by LISW veteran Paddy Rodgers and is sponsored by Tsakos Energy Navigation (TEN), which will be celebrating 30 years as a public company.

Taking the central theme of Reframing Risk in a Complex Marketplace, this premier- level conference will feature leaders from throughout the shipping industry alongside prominent international business professionals. Together they will delve into shipping’s macroeconomic environment, considering the energy crisis and the wider geopolitical dynamics which have the potential to de-rail shipping, particularly as it navigates the complex voyage towards decarbonisation.

How does a global industry like shipping evolve to deliver on its environmental commitments and what impact will this have in relation to access to finance and investment? How will contractual and structural norms in the shipping industry evolve as the industry decarbonises? This year’s conference will explore the subject from all angles including any potential unintended consequences.

Shipping is heavily affected by international sanctions, notably those associated with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The conference is set to scrutinise the positive and negative impacts of sanctions in relation to shipping, examining the practical compliance risks, the operational risks, and the effectiveness of measures the industry has taken, before identifying how the situation may evolve in the near future.

The focus will naturally flow to innovation as panellists examine the risk of technology and regulation moving out of lockstep or being incompatible. Will macro and market trends impede finance for what are perceived as high-risk projects, potentially disrupting green goals?

In the light of these geopolitical macro challenges, selected shipping industry specialists will investigate what shipping can do to move forward. They’ll dissect: what binds the various industry sectors together?; how does regulation interplay with the marketplace?; what are the implications for investors, insurers, financiers, owners and charterers?; and will greater collaboration reap rewards?

Alongside such detailed scrutiny it is crucial to identify solutions and the Headline Conference will seek to do this. Leaders from a wide cross-section of maritime sectors and global trade will deliver their vision for shipping’s future, taking into consideration geopolitical issues, compliance, security, decarbonisation and innovation. London and the UK’s role in shipping’s future will also be foremost in their discussions.

Jos Standerwick of Maritime London, who chairs the LISW23 Headline Conference working group, commented: “This year’s 10th Anniversary conference is shaping up to be the most compelling yet. The continually unpredictable geopolitical and economic environment has certainly made for interesting times in the market. I am confident this year’s conference will bring together leading figures from inside the industry, including a number of rising stars, as we tackle some of the biggest issues in shipping and provide new perspectives and solutions.”

LISW23 will be held in the week of September 11-15, 2023 and will play host to the maritime world with hundreds of events attracting thousands of international industry decision makers into London during the week. The headline LISW23 Conference will be held on Wednesday September 13th while the LISW23 Gala Dinner will be held on Thursday September 14th.

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