Liberian Registry launches online Seafarer Examination portal

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The Liberian Registry reports that it has launched its new online platform for Liberian license assessments and upgrade examinations. This platform, allows the eligible seafarer, working through approved Training Centres, to be able to take these examinations globally (and remotely) 24/7.

This advanced platform means that seafarers can now be pre-approved and vetted by approved training centers; can then take the online examination from anywhere in the world with internet connectivity; and get their results.-If successfully passed, they thereby receive their credentials in expedited and more efficient manner than otherwise available elsewhere.

The Registry says that the system, secure for both data and integrity of the exams, will allow seafarers that may otherwise not be able to renew their credentials or national documents due to COVID and government shutdowns to get the documents they need to get to sea and support their families.

Chief Operating Officer of the Liberian Ship and International Corporate Registry (LISCR), Alfonso Castillero (pictured) states: “The newly developed platform will be a great tool for Training Centers and Seafarers to get the necessary credentials they need to go to sea at anytime, anywhere.

“With the demand for qualified seafarers rising, and the disruptions globally for seafarer training in certification, this will be a hugely positive, and affordable, step for seafarers to be able to get to the ships and continue to keep the vital lifeline of the marine industry going.”

The platform, created and developed by the Registry, is now available to all and more information can be obtained by contacting