Liberia authorises Croatian Registry of Shipping as Recognised Organisation

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Liberian Flag iStock_000005091005XSmall 600 dpi - CopyThe Liberian Registry has authorised the Croatian Registry of Shipping (CRS) to act on its behalf in connection with the survey, audit, certification, and plan-review of Liberian-flag ships and the companies which operate them. 

The Liberian Registry adopts a proactive approach to the service which it provides to the record numbers of ships which fly the Liberian flag. It claims it is the only ship registry to provide harmonised audit and Maritime Labour Convention verification services, using its exclusive global network of highly trained nautical inspectors. Where appropriate, it also delegates authority to perform audits, inspections and certification to Recognised Organisations which it knows and trusts.

Part of Liberia’s mandatory criteria for authorisation of a classification society is full membership in the International Association of Classification Societies. CRS is now authorised to provide services to Liberian-flag ships to the same extent as the other eleven class societies accorded Recognised Organisation status by Liberia. 

Scott Bergeron, Chief Executive Officer of the Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry (LISCR), the US-based manager of the Liberian Registry, said: “As is the case with other classification societies authorised by Liberia, the Croatian Registry of Shipping is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies. We have conducted our own audit of CRS’s systems and procedures and are satisfied with its competence and capability to provide statutory services in accordance with Liberia’s robust standards. As we continue to increase our market share, we have great confidence in the ability of CRS to work alongside Liberia to help maintain the quality of our fleet to the highest standards and beyond.”