Launch of S)ONE Port Community System in Jamaica

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what-do-the-colors-on-jamaica-s-flag-mean_f3072104a13cd047Following the international tender awarded in December 2015, SOGET and Port Authority of Jamaica (PAJ) launch today (Tuesday) the pilot phase of S)ONE PCS for transshipment functionalities. CMA CGM Fort St Pierre will be the first vessel processed through the PCS. This first step will improve dramatically fluidity and security in Jamaican day-to-day operations.

As a major transshipment hub in the Caribbean, Jamaica needed a Port Community System to improve its logistics performance in order to maintain its competitive position regarding the recent expansion of the Panama Canal.

SOGET, along with its strategic partner CEI.BA and PAJ launch the pilot phase for transshipment functionalities in Kingston port.

S)ONE is now the single point of contact to manage transshipment logistics operation and documentation thanks to its integration in the Jamaican logistics community ecosystem. From today shipping agents will report vessel calls and manifests through the PCS to dispatch relevant information to involved stakeholders such as Jamaica Customs Agencies, Port Authority of Jamaica, Regulatory Agencies and Terminal Operators. S)ONE provides a full paperless environment to manage transshipment requests and payment of associated fees. SOGET PCS is already interoperable with ASYCUDA, Kingston Free Port Limited (KFTL) and Kingston Wharfes Limited (KWL).

This launch will bring immediate benefits to Jamaica and the Port Community as mentioned by Professor Gordon Shirley, President & Chief Executive Officer at The Port Authority of Jamaica: “All administrative and logistics processes will now be automated and digitized within the PCS. In addition, with the provision of online payments for trade related transactions, stakeholders will see an increase in their productivity levels. Professor Shirley also added that security will be improved drastically, thanks to Customs’ ability to track and trace cargo activities in real-time.”

“Using S)ONE PCS allow stakeholders to anticipate transshipment formalities in order to bring fluidity to the port community. It also means that Jamaica is now complying with the latest international regulations and standards, enabling the country to increase its position in World Bank Doing Business and Logistics Performance Index rankings” said Pascal Ollivier, Director of Corporate Development of SOGET.

Within the next months, Import and Export processes will be managed through the PCS for cargo transiting in Kingston terminals and warehouse operators. Afterward, S)ONE will then be extended to other Jamaican ports and airports.