Landmark change for remote training and certification as OTG updates UK MCA approved tanker courses for global audience


Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has updated its STCW oil, chemical and liquefied gas tanker training courses, to reflect changes to UK MCA requirements for online learning, enabling more seafarers internationally to obtain MCA approved STCW basic and advanced tanker training certification.

Previously the MCA stipulated that online courses had to be supplemented by an MCA approved firefighting certificate, offered almost exclusively by training providers located in the UK. Due to the ongoing travel disruption and closure of training facilities caused by COVID-19, the MCA granted a concession to allow seafarers holding non-MCA firefighting certificates to gain MCA tanker certification, provided they completed MCA tanker firefighting theory training.

As the MCA has made this concession permanent, Ocean Technologies Group has revised its STCW Basic Oil & Chemical, Basic Liquefied Gas, Advanced Oil, Advanced Chemical and Advanced Liquefied Gas tanker e-learning courses to include new tanker firefighting theory modules which cover the MCA syllabus and offer certification to a much wider audience globally.

“The fact that our updated tanker courses have UK MCA approval is good news for seafarers everywhere. Existing firefighting certificates from a long list of countries will now be accepted by the MCA, which, when combined with our e-learning and its practical exercises, will make the highly regarded and highly respected MCA tanker training certificate available to seafarers, regardless of where they are based.” said Steven Gosling, OTG’s Global Manager, Courses and Certification.

“We know that there is a shortage of tanker officers in our workforce and this development will provide both seafarers and their employers with an additional, flexible route towards gaining their tanker endorsement,” he continued.

The Tanker courses can be taken through an Ocean Learning Platform subscription or pay-as-you-go from OTG’s online shop at

OTG is hosting a free online masterclass on the courses and certification process on Thursday 24th see for details.