KVH’s new Crew Internet service offers vital connectivity to mariners and enables vessel traffic allocation


KVH announces the launch of KVH Crew Internet, a solution that supports crew welfare and allows fleet administrators to effectively manage vessel data. The service is compatible with KVH TracNet™ hybrid terminals and is included with standard airtime plans.

“Connectivity is crucial to crew, yet can often be a challenge for fleet administrators,” says Mark Woodhead (pictured), KVH’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “With KVH Crew Internet, mariners can access personal email, enjoy the web, manage personal affairs, and interact with social connections while out at sea.

“Fleet administrators can set data allocations, limit online access hours, and manage data usage on the vessel. KVH Crew Internet provides a win-win solution for today’s commercial shipping companies, and we are excited to offer it to the global maritime community.”

Commercial crew will enjoy access to applications such as WhatsApp, social media, websites, and email. The KVH Crew Internet service will follow them wherever they are within the fleet; their login and allocations stay with them as they move from ship to ship, ensuring no disruption in their use of the service. Fleet administrators can set data allocations and limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Allocations can also be set by connection type, such as the three channels built into the TracNet™ terminals’ intelligent hybrid design – satellite, cellular, or Wi-Fi. And, online hours can be limited for safety and productivity reasons.

The interface for KVH Crew Internet is convenient and user-friendly for both crew and fleet administrators. Crew can log into a convenient portal on their cell phones, tablets, or computers to use data, track use, and budget their time spent online. Fleet administrators can use the secure KVH Manager portal to set allocations and controls, and to view a vessel or fleet’s data usage. The portal is accessible on a variety of devices and is mobile responsive.

KVH Crew Internet is the third value-added service for the commercial maritime market launched by KVH in 2023. In January, KVH introduced KVH Managed Firewall, providing an added level of protection against cyber threats; and KVH Cloud Email, a reliable, secure email solution allowing commercial seafarers to send and retrieve email over any available data connection.