KVH works to support seafarer connectivity during Covid-19 pandemic


KVH Industries, a leader in mobile connectivity and inertial navigation systems, is working around the clock throughout the Covid-19 pandemic  to support the connectivity needs of the thousands of vessels and seafarers worldwide that rely on KVH VSAT services.

Aware of the importance of VSAT services to vessels and seafarers at this time, KVH last week began a program of reduced costs to customers requesting data plan upgrades and reduced costs on the Crew Calling cards that individual seafarers use for connectivity services. In addition, KVH’s programmes and services in support of crew welfare and communications include:

  • Free delivery of NEWSlink’s daily Maritime News edition containing global COVID-19 coverage – emailed to all KVH VSAT customers
  • Free delivery via the KVH Link service of the World Health Organization video about COVID-19 protection
  • Daily, country-specific coverage on COVID-19 in all KVH NEWSlink newspapers
  • News, entertainment, and sports content via the KVH Link service
  • Free VoIP calls to ISWAN’s SeafarerHelp hotline for seafarers on vessels with KVH service; this service began in February and is ongoing
  • KVH’s field services and tech support teams are continuing their work of installations and repair services around the world. They are collaborating with KVH’s local partners to observe all local port restrictions and country lockdowns; it’s a rapidly changing situation and their skill and flexibility has never been more appreciated