KVH Introduces CommBox Edge advanced maritime network optimization and management


KVH Industries, Inc. is pleased to introduce its CommBox Edge Communications Gateway. CommBox Edge, a product of KVH’s exclusive distribution agreement with Kognitive Networks, simplifies the modern multi-orbit, multi-channel connectivity found on commercial vessels and yachts by applying intuitive network and bandwidth management tools and onboard edge computing.

CommBox Edge is an all-in-one management toolbox for maritime IT professionals who want to control the growing array of wide area network (WAN) options, such as VSAT, low earth orbit (LEO) services, 5G cellular, and other services available through the KVH ONE® global network.

Rick Driscoll, KVH’s Chief Technology Officer, explains: “CommBox Edge, with its marine-grade edge server technology, cloud-based controls, and mobile app, enables KVH and our customers to enjoy dynamic network and bandwidth management over these networks with an extensive suite of data and user controls, real-time reporting, and more. It delivers outstanding performance for crew, guest, and vessel communications thanks to a versatile, secure, and fast SD-WAN architecture with cloud-based management.”

The new CommBox Edge Communications Gateway includes two marinized belowdeck edge server solutions, the Edge 6 and the Edge 2, which offer flexibility for installation and support for an expanded set of WAN and LAN connections.

Management of the CommBox Edge suite of features is simple, as administrators and users log into the CommBox Edge Cloud Portal and EdgeOS and use a streamlined and mobile-friendly GUI. Users can then configure dynamic data and WAN usage rules and quotas; create multiple LANs to support operations, owners, crews, IoT, guests, and more securely; and establish dynamic WAN prioritization, connection balancing, and boost connection speeds with advanced bonding to combine multiple WANs.

CommBox Edge also supports secure remote access to any onboard networked device, high-speed VPN links, deep packet inspection, and configurable POP egress that permits users to select their preferred country for Internet access.

“KVH is a leading provider of robust, intelligent hybrid connectivity solutions at sea,” says Chad Impey, KVH’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Global Support. “With CommBox Edge, we offer commercial mariners and leisure boaters an affordable, secure, and easy-to-use means of blending multiple communications networks to support their unique needs.

“More importantly, CommBox Edge is network-agnostic, so this powerful new tool is available to KVH customers and vessels that aren’t currently using KVH services but desire world-class network and bandwidth management.”