KR grants AiP to K Shipbuilding and ForceTEC for ship cyber resilience design technology


Korean Register (KR) is pleased to announce that it has awarded an AiP (Approval in Principle) to K Shipbuilding and ForceTEC for their design technology focusing on ship cyber resilience, in accordance with the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) Unified Requirement (UR) E26.

In a collaborative effort that began in January 2023, KR, K Shipbuilding, and ForceTEC embarked on a joint research project aimed at applying and validating the rules of ship cyber resilience, demonstrating their proactive response to the forthcoming adoption of IACS UR E26.

IACS UR E26, which was introduced in April 2022, establishes unified requirements for cyber resilience in ships. It will become mandatory for vessels contracted for construction from January 2024. Ship cyber resilience encompasses a range of measures aimed at reducing cyber accidents and mitigating their impact on the computer-based systems utilized for safe navigation and the protection of the marine environment.

Within the framework of this collaborative project, K Shipbuilding and ForceTEC undertook the design of the ship’s navigational communication system and engine control system, incorporating cyber resilience considerations. They established a response system by formulating a basic design and test methodology, guided by a cyber risk management framework.

KR has verified the feasibility, safety, and suitability of the cyber resilience concept design, resulting in the granting of the AiP.

KIM Daeheon, Executive Vice President of KR’s R&D Division, stated: “The results of this successful joint research with K shipbuilding served as an opportunity to prove KR’s excellent cyber resilience design verification and on-site inspection technology. We will further strengthen our capabilities in cyber resilience technology.”

KOH Taehyun, CTO of K Shipbuilding, commented: “Certification of cyber resilience technology that meets the IACS rules is an important step to demonstrate the technology and reliability of K Shipbuilding. Being the first mid-sized shipbuilder in the world certified in this technology, we will provide safety-centered smart green vessels.”

Kim Sangyong, President & CEO of ForceTEC, added: “I am delighted that ForceTEC is conducting joint research with K shipbuilding and KR and is recognized for our technology at the initial stage of starting maritime cyber security business. We will continuously invest in research and development to improve our technologies and contribute to the development of the maritime security industry.”