KR approves new wireless communication system, metalVox


Korean Register (KR) granted an Approval in Principle (AiP) for ‘metalVox’, a wireless communication system using metalWave communication technology developed by South Korean company ZN Technologies, at last week’s KORMARINE 2023 event in Busan, South Korea.

Wireless communication through air is currently widely used in ships, but it can be interrupted in environments with enclosed areas or bulkheads, since radio waves cannot pass through metal.

MetalVox is an innovative wireless communication system developed using ZN Technologies’ patented metalWave technology, designed to address the challenge of communication blind zones within enclosed ship areas. This cutting-edge system enhances operational efficiency for ship crews by eliminating communication blind spots and enhancing communication quality onboard, thereby bolstering crew safety and minimizing the risk of potential disasters. Furthermore, metalVox boasts a simplified design compared to existing systems, requiring fewer antennas and cables.

Furuno Korea and Hyundai LNG Shipping identified and inspected various factors to consider and constraints in applying the system to ships, and KR verified design stability and suitability through the review of domestic and international regulations.

KIM Yeontae, Executive Vice President of KR’s Technical Division, commented: “It is very meaningful for us to be a part of creating the first case of applying a new wireless communication method to a ship through this AiP. KR will continue to provide technical support to ensure that this new technology will enable fast and high-capacity data communication of the future.”

PARK Chulgyun, CEO of ZN Technologies, said: “The metalWave communication technology, which was successfully commercialized for the first time in the world, is a patented technology owned by our company, and has unique features such as helping to reduce shipyard costs and ship owners’ maintenance costs. After this AiP, we will further accelerate our efforts to provide groundbreaking wireless communication services to ships operating around the world.”

MOK Gyuyeol, CEO of Furuno Korea, added: “metalVox is attracting attention from domestic and international ship owners as an innovative device that can protect life and property in emergency situations on ships. We hope that South Korea’s shipbuilding equipment industry will further strengthen its competitiveness through this collaboration.”

CHOI Jangpal, Executive Vice President of Hyundai LNG Shipping, said: “If we apply a new wireless communication method using the magnetic field of the hull structure, it will be of great help in preventing safety accidents for crews on board and safe operation of the ship by eliminating the numerous communication blind spots on the ship. We plan to apply and operate the system on our LNG ships in the future, and increase the economic efficiency of ship operation.”