KR approves HD Hyundai HI innovative tank shape (Hi-ICON) with sloshing-restrained technology


Korean Register (KR) has awarded an Approval in Principle (AIP) to HD Hyundai Heavy Industries (HD HHI) for a new type of tank shape designed for various liquefied gases and fuels. The announcement was made during Nor-Shipping 2023 in Oslo this week. The new tank shape, developed by HD HHI, is designed to improve safety and productivity.

The new tank shape aims to address the challenge of sloshing that impacts the transportation of liquefied gases, such as LNG. HD HHI has successfully optimized the shape of the liquefied gas tank, effectively reducing the sloshing effect and enhancing stability. This significantly mitigates the risk of accidents and potential disasters during transportation.

Furthermore, the innovative tank design incorporates an improved layout, leading to enhanced work efficiency and productivity. The newly developed tank shape exemplifies cutting-edge technology that combines improved safety measures, increased productivity, and efficient sloshing reduction techniques.

HD HHI plans to expand the application of the new tanks to various liquefied gas carriers and propulsion ships in the future. It is expected that HD HHI will continue to strengthen its competitiveness in the liquefied cargo carrier shipbuilding market, including LNG, by providing safe and reliable solutions to customers.

KR is committed to actively collaborating with the technology development of new tank types, including Hi-ICON. As a leading classification society, KR will provide comprehensive technical support to facilitate the development of next-generation eco-friendly ships, further promoting the advancement of maritime industry.