KPI OceanConnect completes first carbon-neutral fuel supply

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Marine fuels specialist KPI OceanConnect has announced the successful completion of its first carbon offset transaction with a respected seismic research vessel owner and long-term client. The voluntary carbon units are derived from a wind farm in Texas and verified by Verra Registry.

Carbon offsets allow for emissions and CO2 output to be balanced with the purchase of an equivalent qualified offset. This means purchasing verified carbon units that are equivalent to the CO2 production from emissions. These units also fund certified projects that generate clean and renewable energy, such as wind farms, solar energy, and reforestation.

“By enabling one of the bunkering’s first carbon-neutral fuel supplies, KPI OceanConnect is dedicated to exploring the development of different solutions and pathways for shipping,” commented Brian Coyne, Managing Director, Americas at KPI OceanConnect.

“We feel confident in leading the way towards a sustainable future and ensuring a smooth transition towards 2030 and 2050 for our customers. We are well prepared to advise our clients on how to obtain carbon-neutral fuel supplies, as well as offset other Greenhouse Gases, and together will create a more sustainable future for shipping and the world.”

KPI OceanConnect’s CEO Søren Høll added: “Our team at KPI OceanConnect is our biggest asset, and it is through their hard work and ingenuity that we were able to complete what we expect to be the first of many carbon offsets for our environmentally conscious clients as they seek to meet their ambitious sustainability goals.”