Kongsberg Maritime and China Merchants Industry seal long-term collaboration developing more sustainable solutions for shipowners

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Kongsberg Maritime (KM) is pleased to announce that it has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China Merchants Industry (CMI), which lays out the two companies’ joint strategies for the future.

The signing was witnessed by China Merchants Hoi Tung, with whom KM has an extensive history of cooperation, and consolidates a long and mutually fruitful business relationship between KM and CMI.

The new MoU outlines the future strategic route for the two parties and cements their commitment to continue delivering high-quality solutions to shipowners worldwide.

KM has maintained a strong presence in China for many years via its subsidiary company Kongsberg Maritime China Ltd, providing key products and services to the Chinese maritime industry, while CMI focuses on the production of high-end, environmentally friendly and economical vessels as China’s leading marine equipment and cruise ship manufacturer.

The new agreement outlines how KM and CMI intend to collaborate more closely on the design and fitout of specific vessel types to provide shipowners with the most competitive, attractive and environmentally responsible long-term investments on the market.