Kongsberg Digital and Shell Marine deepen collaboration by adding LubeMonitor application to the marketplace


Currently used by Shell Marine Lubricants customers, LubeMonitor will become available to shipowners and operators through Kongsberg Digital’s marketplace for maritime applications, an ecosystem of numerous powerful applications supported by Vessel Insight SaaS-based data infrastructure.

The marine industry faces significant uncertainty as it navigates the energy transition. A focus on engine condition and reliability is key to supporting customers in managing this safely. LubeMonitor combines the data from onboard oil testing, engine operating conditions, Shell LubeAnalyst laboratory results, engine inspection photos and measurements. These are used to deliver insights based on OEM recommended guidance at a total fleet, vessel or cylinder level, supporting better management of reliability and informed decision-making for customers.

Last year, Kongsberg Digital and Shell Marine penned a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), signifying their shared commitment to expedite decarbonisation initiatives and support the maritime industry’s energy transition.

“This strategic collaboration expands the range of applications available to industry professionals on our marketplace and consolidates our collaboration with Shell. We are proud to work together with Shell, sharing a passion for digital innovation and commitment to decarbonisation. Offering Kongsberg Digital clients Shell’s LubeMonitor app is a testament to our close collaboration,” says Anders Bryhni, Vice President Maritime Products in Kongsberg Digital.

“Through this agreement we are not only broadening our collaboration, but also merging our digital innovation capability with industry expertise from both companies,” says Hariharasudhan Ramani, GM Digital Innovation at Shell.

Adding LubeMonitor to the app ecosystem is an initial step of a continuous shared innovation between Shell and Kongsberg Digital, who plan to develop and introduce further marketplace applications in the future.