KMTC Ship Management saves over $500,000 with Accelleron engine optimisation software Tekomar XPERT


Korea Marine Transport Company Ship Management (KMTC SM) has reported annual fuel savings worth approximately US$540,000 in total after installing Accelleron’s digital engine optimisation solution Tekomar XPERT on 12 Panamax vessels. The fuel savings enabled KMTC SM to reduce their CO2 emissions by about 4,200 tons.

Tekomar XPERT delivers engine optimization recommendations based on thermodynamic insights that aim to bring engines back to operating performance achieved at ‘new’ condition. The solution can be applied to any engine and turbocharger make. KMTC SM followed the advisory from Tekomar XPERT, tracked engine performance and benchmarked engines and vessels through Tekomar XPERT’s web portal Loreka (pictured).

KMTC Ship Management General Manager of Environmental Technology, Jin-Seob Lee, said: “Based on the big savings on fuel cost and emission reduction, we aim to install Tekomar XPERT on our remaining 16 self-managed vessels, and will be recommending its installation on 22 other vessels managed by third parties.”

Accelleron anticipates that KMTC’s fuel bill will be reduced by around US$1.3 million a year when Tekomar XPERT is deployed across all 50 vessels. The reduced emissions will translate to better Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) ratings and lower exposure to carbon pricing, including the EU Emissions Trading System, which will apply to shipping from 2024.

KMTC SM was able to track improvements in performance thanks to intuitive indicators and actionable insight from Tekomar XPERT. The reduced fuel consumption at the end of the 12-month period highlighted a significant increase in vessel performance over the year. This was verified by KMTC SM’s own measurements.

Accelleron Global Head of Sales & Operations, Shailesh Shirsekar, said: “Efficient engines are one of the keys to reducing fuel costs, emissions and carbon price exposure, enabling optimisation without impact on vessel operation. With simple guidance from Tekomar XPERT, ship operators can ensure that the engines are running at their very best, laying the foundation for lower lifecycle costs as well as regulatory compliance.”