Klaveness and Lauritzen demonstrate collaboration as key to success


Torvald Klaveness and Lauritzen Bulkers, leading global dry bulk shipping companies, are pleased to announce a collaboration move that sees Lauritzen Bulkers testing Market Manager by Klaveness for better decision-making.

Niels Josefsen, CEO at Lauritzen comments: “Over the past four years, Lauritzen Bulkers has transformed from a traditional ship owner and operator to a company with increasing focus on active portfolio management. We strive to refine our knowledge-based business model and data driven approach.”

Michael Jørgensen, EVP and Head of Dry Bulk at Klaveness, adds: “We continue to challenge the status quo for better outcomes and if we can assist like-minded operators in achieving the same efficiencies, it is only natural we share it. Collaborating with Lauritzen and learning from their feedback will be a welcome inclusion to our development process.”

Market Manager is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform crafted by Klaveness Chartering, incorporating extensive commercial expertise, and backed by its best-in-class research team. The platform enables customers to drive new value and make better informed decisions to navigate shipping markets.