KBB and Eminox issue ‘Turbo to Tailpipe’ white paper on engine emissions


Turbocharger manufacturer Kompressorenbau Bannewitz (KBB) and emissions control specialist Eminox have extended their recent technological collaboration to develop a white paper publication, ‘From turbo-to-tailpipe – minimising emissions from internal combustion engines in a net zero emissions future’, that acts as an advisory to any ship operator looking to reduce engine emissions.

As part of the maritime industry’s commitment to achieving a zero carbon future, marine diesel engines are subject to IMO Tier I and Tier II regulations. Additionally, every vessel entering specific emission control areas (ECAs), including the Baltic Sea, North Sea and North American ECAs must meet much stricter IMO Tier III targets, with tighter nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions requirements. For vessels to be compliant when operating on European inland waterways, Stage V regulations apply, with stringent particulate matter (PM) emissions compliance.

Future legislation, including an update to the EU Stage V regulations and new IMO Tier IV regulations, are expected to set dramatically lower NOx and PM emissions targets from the early 2030s.

The flood of legislative requirements for gaseous emission reduction in the past decade has encouraged the industry’s transition to cleaner fuels. However, while alternative energy sources such as batteries and wind power can be adopted, medium-speed diesel, gas, and dual fuel engines will remain to be the de facto for marine propulsion and auxiliary power units.

The new white paper gives ship operators a vital tool when navigating emissions reductions from internal combustions engines. The paper examines key regulations and timelines and explores how recent innovation in fully integrated exhaust management solutions can enable operators to achieve more stringent emission control targets.

In 2021, KBB and Eminox launched a co-developed, fully integrated emissions control solution that provides marine engine manufacturers with the technology needed to deliver clean marine diesel engines. The KBB Eminox solution is optimised for specific engines which increases performance efficiency and the effectiveness of emissions reduction.

Aimed at medium speed engines over 1MW power, the new solution brings together KBB’s expertise in marine turbocharging and air handling with Eminox’s proven EMx exhaust aftertreatment system (EATS) technology.

“The time is now for marine operators and engine manufacturers to accelerate their emissions reduction journey,” said Dr Roman Drozdowski (pictured), Managing Director, KBB. “This white paper provides everything they need to know to do that, and we can provide an in-house solution for all their needs.”

“Diesel engines are the backbone of the marine industry, making it vital to optimise their performance to lower emissions as we move to a zero-carbon future,” added David Phillips, Engineering Director, Eminox. “However, how do we ensure that these engines are generating less emissions? Our emissions control solution is a technology that is available now to fully address all emissions requirements, now and in the future.”