“K” Line conducts Emergency Response Exercise


On October 12th, an Emergency Response Exercise was carried out by “K” Line as a part of training of optimum emergency response prepared for any major maritime accidents.

The scenario of the exercise saw an LNG vessel owned by a ”K” Line subsidiary run aground in Tokyo Bay while attempting to avoid a fishing vessel suddenly approaching in Uraga Channel. The ensuing emergency response process set up a crisis-management headquarters upon receiving the incident report, established a communication channel with the ship management company and conducted a mock press conference at the end of the exercise.

“K” Line points out that contact procedures including with online tools were also confirmed, and the mock press conference included journalists asking many questions, making for a tense atmosphere as if it were a real incident.

With growing interest in safety and environmental impact reduction worldwide, “K” Line feels such Emergency Response Exercises will help prepare it for any unexpected circumstances, while the company continues its commitment to providing industry-leading safe and optimal services for the benefit of its customers.