Jumbo lifts record load

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Jumbo Shipping’s HLV Fairpartner has successfully discharged the longest load in Jumbo’s 41-year history when two tanker barges were discharged at the port of Rotterdam. One of the barges, loaded in Nantong, China, weighed over 1,330 tonnes and had a length of 135 metres, the longest piece of cargo ever lifted by a Jumbo Heavy Lift vessel. The combination of length, weight and discharging method produced a record lift. The 1,300 tonnes load was lifted over portside at an outreach of 31 m.

The second barge had only slightly smaller dimensions: 1100 tonnes and a length of 130 m. After being stacked on top of each other, the ships’ crew safely lashed and secured them before starting their long journey to Rotterdam via the Cape of Good Hope.