ISS confirms reduced UK Light Dues from 1st April 2015

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LighthouseInchcape Shipping Services (ISS) advises ship owners and managers that the rate governing the collection of UK Light Dues is set to reduce from 1st April 2015.

As advised by Trinity House in Circular No 533, for vessels other than those where periodic payments apply, the charge will be 39p per Net Registered Tonne (NRT).

Rates for the coming year (2015/16) have been reduced from 40p in 2014/15, which is a further penny less per NRT than the previous year.  The reduction follows efficiency savings by the GLAs and reflects a UK Government commitment to “create the right conditions to support one of the UK’s most important industries”,  as stated by Stephen Hammond, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, last March.

The 39p rate applies up to a cap of 40,000 NRT (i.e. a maximum charge of £15,600) for vessels with and International Tonnage Certificate.  Where an ITC is not produced, the cap will not apply, possibly leading to a greater charge.  An exemption applies from the 10th voyage in the taxation year.

Light Dues are applicable to most commercial vessels making port calls in the British Isles.  The revenue is allocated to the General Lighthouse Fund, which is administered by the Department for Transport and is used to finance the three General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs), including Trinity House which covers England, Wales, Gibraltar and the Channel Islands.