ISO standard to increase confidence in ship recycling certification


An ISO standard for bodies providing audit and certification of ship recycling management systems, will increase the safety of workers and environmental protection by facilitating independent recognition of good practice.

ISO 30003:2009, Ships and marine technology – Ship recycling management systems – Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of ship recycling management, aims to instill confidence that the certification process has been carried out in a competent, consistent and reliable manner. The document will facilitate the recognition of accredited certification bodies and the acceptance of their certifications on an international basis.

Capt Charles Piersall, Chair of ISO technical committee that developed the standard, ISO/TC 8, Ships and marine technology, commented: “ISO 30000, which gives the specifications for ship recycling management systems is being implemented using independent third party certification *. Organizations carrying out ship recycling see certification as valuable for them, their customers and other stakeholders.

“The concern of potential environmental and human worker health and safety impact necessitates this independent certification because it provides confidence to the facility and its workers, environmentalists, the ship owner, governments, regulatory bodies and the general public that a ship recycling management system conforms to internationally harmonized requirements, is capable of consistently achieving its stated policy and objectives and is effectively implemented.

“ISO 30003 responds to the need for disseminating best practice criteria for certification bodies auditing and certifying ship recyclers.”
The document is targeted at third party audit and certification bodies, but can be of value to others involved in the assessment of management systems for the recycling of ships of all types and sizes, in both international and domestic trade.

The standard:
 Provides harmonised guidance for the accreditation of certification bodies applying for ISO 30000 certification / registration
 Defines specifications for the audit and certification of a ship recycling management system complying with safety and environmental requirements
 Offers customers the necessary information and confidence about the way certification of their waste and other material handling or service companies has been granted.
ISO 30003:2009 will be useful for the shipping and ship recycling industries, shipyards, ship owners, maritime research institutes, universities for maritime technology, government ministries of shipping, navy, environment and labour, port authorities, classification societies and inspection agencies. It is part of a series of standards (ISO 30000) on ship recycling management, which promotes the safety of workers and preservation of the environment, as well as the recovery and reuse of steel and other materials and equipment.

Currently, work is underway on the remaining standards of the series:

 Best practice for ship recycling facilities
 Guidelines for selection of ship recyclers
 Guidelines for implementing ISO 30000
 Information control for hazardous materials in shipbuilding and ship operations
 Guidelines on surveying ships for hazardous material and amount to be reported
 Methods to remove asbestos in ships
 Yachts recycling.