Isle of Man superintendents’ training course underway

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The Isle of Man has welcomed delegates from Nigeria, France, Libya, The Philippines, Germany, Poland and the UK, for its intensive Ship Superintendents’ Training Course – run by EMCS International and endorsed by well-known maritime representatives from the Isle, including Dick Welsh, Director of the Isle of Man Ship Registry.

“In my experience no other course sustains the level of practical experience and knowledge- sharing which the Isle of Man course packs into a very intensive nine days,” Mr Welsh said. “For the attendees, the experience does not end there. The lecturers provide contact details and are happy to provide assistance to delegates once the course has finished. The course has also been found to be very rewarding for current superintendents to refresh their knowledge or for other roles within ship management to gain knowledge.”

The course is taking place at the Isle of Man College of Further and Higher Education and is delivered by a team of experienced industry professionals. The content is designed for technical, marine superintendents and maritime personnel. Although originally designed for newly appointed recruits to the position of superintendent, in addition to seagoing Engineers and Deck Officers coming ashore, the training has evolved to provide a solid foundation in all aspects of maritime operations.

Topics covered range from dry docking, quality assurance, environmental issues, reporting for owners, insurance, commercial knowledge, legal issues, budgeting and cost controls, major damage workshops, emissions to time and safety management and ship registration.

Alex Downie, the Isle of Man Department of Economic Development’s Political Member with responsibility for shipping, commented: “The Ship Superintendents Course run in the Isle of Man is unique in its content and delivery. It provides senior sea-going officers with all of the tools and knowledge required to move into a shore-based position looking after the day-to-day operation of a number of vessels. Using experts who are currently working in ship management and other experts working in the professional support industries, it provides the most up-to-date information, real-life experiences and practical exercises to deliver the course.”

As testament to the value of the programme, EMCS has confirmed employers of previous delegates have endorsed the training and have reported improved efficiencies in the staff who have attended as a result. The same companies are now sending delegates on a continual basis and EMCS International has also seen a rise in the number of candidates who choose this programme to enhance their future careers, registering independently of an employer. EMCS also emphasised that these delegates have gained more rewarding employment as a result of their attendance.

Steve George, Director, EMCS International, said the success of the course is due to the quality and experience of the lecturers: “We feel the sponsors and managers of this course have shown outstanding commitment to the success of this programme. While some lecturers give their time freely, and all bring their wealth of knowledge, the team is committed to improve the performance of the delegates, and hence benefit the companies they represent.”

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