International SOS and Future Care Inc announce joint venture

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International SOS, the global medical and security risk services company, and Future Care Inc, a well-known and respected maritime telemedical assistance and onshore medical case management service, have formed a strategic joint venture (JV).

The JV will unite Future Care’s depth of industry expertise and International SOS’ global provider network. It will deliver world-class telemedical assistance and onshore medical management services to the commercial maritime shipping sector.

Christina DeSimone, CEO Future Care Inc, will lead the JV.

“Using Future Care and International SOS’ well established programmes as its foundation, the JV will work closely with clients to identify and define new global products and services that better serve ship owners, ship managers and mariners operating at sea in remote, difficult and challenging environments. Although it will be business as usual for many of our clients, we look forward to jointly defining new global products, and services, that blend quality of medical care with state of the art cost containment and increased seafarer productivity,” said Christina DeSimone, CEO, of Future Care.

The JV will focus on client-led operational synergies, as well as utilising the best practices of each partner. This will achieve operational excellence and a worldwide footprint, for commercial maritime sector clients.

Grant Jeffery, CEO Assistance, International SOS, noted: “Investing in Commercial Maritime Services through this JV enables International SOS to provide best in class services to our clients. It creates a world leader in medical management services specifically and uniquely for the maritime sector. While global in focus, the recent expansion of our commercial maritime operations in Asia and China will form a key focus area for the Joint Venture looking forward.”