International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit on course for Nor-Shipping 2023


Nor-Shipping has confirmed that the Fourth International Ship Autonomy and Sustainability Summit will take place as part of Nor-Shipping 2023 on 8 June. The day-long summit, which focuses on the very latest technological, business and regulatory developments, will be held at Nor-Shipping’s newly refurbished Studio NOVA in Lillestrøm.

Organised in cooperation with NFAS (Norwegian Forum for Autonomous Ships) and the European Commission’s Directorate General for Transport (DG MOVE), the summit will provide a detailed overview of the “compelling” commercial opportunity and “growing momentum” for ship autonomy.

It is, notes Nor-Shipping Director Sidsel Norvik, “a unique gathering of global expertise for a subject central to the ongoing evolution of shipping.”

Norvik continues: “The concept of ship autonomy is now maturing. When the idea was launched there were great, and perhaps overly inflated, expectations about a rapid shift, followed by disillusionment when this didn’t materialise. However, we are now seeing commercial applications come to fruition and demonstrate huge potential. We’re at a genuinely exciting stage on the journey, and this summit will explore that – with an up-to-date status of implementation and valuable insights into future applications and possibilities.”

Trond Langemyr, Chair of the Board of NFAS, adds: “The summit will help business leaders understand where ship autonomy is today, and where it can take us tomorrow. This will provide an invaluable platform for decision making when it comes to the future of their own businesses. There are still many misunderstandings around autonomous shipping – both positive and negative – so the summit will work to demystify this, while also demonstrating the huge business growth potential. It’s a fascinating subject and a ‘must attend’ for ambitious industry frontrunners.”

Topics taking centre stage at the summit include: the existing commercial uses of ship autonomy and where the most promising applications are; how autonomy is viewed by the industry and how it also can be used in more conventional ship operations; and an international outlook on competition and cooperation among industry frontrunners.

Panellists are drawn from key countries and regions, including South Korea, Japan, Norway, USA and EU to provide their individual insights. Large industry actors will also share their knowledge and perspectives, with representatives from organisations such as Kongsberg, Hyundai, Ocean Infinity and NYK Group. In addition, several ship operators with concrete projects will discuss the current and more specialized applications of autonomous ship technology, as well as the short-term outlook for use in wider areas of the shipping industry.

“This summit is a unique meeting place for practitioners and policy makers,” says Fotini Ioannidou, Head of the Maritime Safety Unit, DG MOVE. “It is a vital gathering point for sharing expertise and communicating developments, but also for networking and gaining ‘hands-on’ understanding of autonomy’s enormous potential for our industry.”

Nor-Shipping 2023 will feature six themed exhibition halls across a total of 22,500 sq m of space at the Norges Varemesse facility in Lillestrøm, Norway. In addition to the main exhibition and autonomy summit, a range of themed conferences include the first ever Nor-Shipping Offshore Wind and Offshore Aquaculture Conferences, the Second Maritime Hydrogen Conference, and the renowned Ocean Leadership Conference.

Entrance tickets have now been released, with an early-bird discount available prior to 1 May. Included in the price is free use of public transport in Oslo (Zone 1) and between the Lillestrøm exhibition centre, entrance to all the exhibition days, access to the After Work @Aker Brygge social scene in Oslo, and entrance to all Technical Seminars and Blue Talks.