International Paint sees significant uptake in new fouling control technologies


Prem Divya with Intersleek paintInternational Paint has announced that its two latest hull-coating technologies have already made a significant impact on the market within months of their launch in March.

Designed to address the industry issues of predictability in antifouling performance not seen since the days of tributyltin and the difficult issue of slime fouling on ships hulls, the two new technologies – Intercept8000 LPP and Intersleek1100SR – were launched to improve vessel operating performance, increase efficiency and reduce fuel costs and emissions.

Since March 2013, Intersleek®1100SR has been applied to 52 vessels with 45 contracted and 27 under negotiation across all main classes, including container, cruise, LNG, Ro-Ro, and tanker vessels. Intercept®8000 LPP has been applied to 44 vessels with 10 contracted and a further 32 currently in the pipeline, and has seen significant take-up with containers, proving the expectation that this is aimed at being the most eco-efficient product for this class.

Paul Robbins, Marine Marketing Director at International Paint said: “The popularity of Intercept8000 LPP and Intersleek1100SR so soon after their launch reflects the growing awareness of the economic importance of underwater hull condition, driven by sustained high bunker prices, lack of liquidity in the market and increasing environmental regulation.

“Using innovation to meet these challenges, as well as the drive to create more sustainable operations is rapidly becoming a strategic priority for businesses. It is also clear that customers want access to a choice of products, and a broad range of fouling control solutions that provide increasing and scalable levels of eco-efficiency benefits depending on their budgets and commitment to sustainability.

He added: “Advanced hull coatings are the most widely used eco-efficiency technology within the shipping industry. And as a market leader, it is our mission to introduce new innovations and technologies that drive operational, cost and environmental efficiencies for our customers and help guide them through the sustainability cycle.

“Indeed, International Paint is the only manufacturer to have developed a full choice of technologies that improve upon existing solutions or solve additional customer needs, including metal acrylate, silyl acrylate, silicone foul release and now Intercept8000 LPP and the latest fluoropolymer slime release technology Intersleek1100SR.”