InterManager welcomes seafarers’ awareness week

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Captain Kuba Szymanski InterManager Secretary General

Captain Kuba Szymanski InterManager Secretary General

InterManager, the international trade association for in-house and third party ship management, is giving its full support to this week’s Seafarers Awareness Week (20-26 June), coordinated by Seafarers UK.

“Maritime Jobs for Future Generations” is the theme, aiming to raise awareness of the many career possibilities the maritime world offers young people.

The shipping industry employs 1.5 million seafarers worldwide and Seafarers Awareness Week highlights the vital role seafarers play in the global economy.

This year’s theme also complements the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) “Day of the Seafarer” (25 June) and World Maritime Day (29 September), which both focuses seafaring as a career and celebrates the role seafarers play globally.

Capt. Kuba Szymanski, Secretary-General of InterManager who praises seafaring as a career, said: “With so many opportunities, including in growth areas such as cruise ships, super yachts and renewable energy developments, it is paramount we ensure that the next generation views working at sea as a viable and exciting career option too. Seafarers in all their forms are indispensable to the world and are essential for the long-term sustainability of the sector, both at sea and onshore”.

“The work of our seafarers is indeed indispensable, and has such a profound effect on how the world economy performs, based on ship’s making on-time deliveries to their destinations globally.  Something we can all be very proud of,” he added.