InterManager ‘to go to the Human Rights Commission’ over the Hebei Spirit jailings



InterManager is to complain to the Human Rights Commission over allegations that the two jailed officers from the Hebei Spirit are being badly treated in their Korean jail.

Reports emanating from Korea have indicated that the two Hebei Spirit officers, Indian nationals Capt Jasprit Chawla and First Officer Syam Chetan are being confined in a filthy cell with nothing but a small opening in the floor to serve as a toilet.

Their cells lack the basic amenities such as soap or cream and the two officers are prevented from using a telephone. Capt Jasprit Chawla and First Officer Syam Chetan are being held in isolation in separate cells with very little heating and with sub zero temperatures outside.

Reports reaching InterManager also indicate that the two officers are only allowed to meet family members for a maximum of five to seven minutes and they are not given any reading material. Any books or magazines sent to them can take anything up to five days to reach the two officers and will only be given to them if they are deemed unobjectionable.

Guy Morel, InterManager General Secretary, slammed the actions of the Koreans claiming the two officers were being treated inhumanely. He said: “Capt Chawla and First Officer Chetan have been victimised for performing their jobs professionally and have been unfairly incarcerated for something they were not responsible for. InterManager, together with the rest of the shipping industry demands that Korea releases them with immediate effect to allow them to return home to their families.”