InterManager gathers Far Eastern views face-to-face

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Far Eastern ship managers aired their views on the industry and current economic climate and were keen to learn about InterManager’s pioneering industry-wide KPI Project during the association’s recent tour of the region.

Meanwhile seafarers are concerned about job security, piracy and working conditions, reports InterManager General Secretary who has just returned from a two-week visit to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore at the request of the association’s membership.

Attending the IMO Diplomatic Conference in Manila, Captain Szymanski took part in debates to produce amendments to the STCW 1995 regulations. He said: “These discussions were very important, particularly from the seafarers’ point of view. Issues of concern included hours of rest and medical conditions. The medical conditions were smoothly agreed but hours of rest were discussed at length and a consensus was reached.”

He praised the “impressive calibre” of questions from the more than 1,000 seafarers and cadets who took part in the Year of the Seafarer conference in Manila during his visit. Their concerns included global piracy, working conditions (such as hours of rest and conditions of contract), and fears for job security.

Captain Szymanski also visited a number of Philippine-based InterManager members and other organisations and training facilities. In addition he attended the 60th anniversary celebrations of the Philippino Ship Owners’ Association. He praised the “overwhelming can do attitude” of the Philippine maritime industry and the “extremely friendly atmosphere” throughout the country.

Travelling then to Hong Kong, Captain Szymanski met with InterManager members, with the Hong Kong Ship Owners’ Association and other maritime organisations and businesses.

InterManager held a very interesting regional meeting in Hong Kong where members heard from the Hong Kong Government about its cadet initiatives, from FP Marine on the subject of ransom and kidnap insurance and from Shipserv on e-commerce, as well as benefiting from a presentation about InterManager’s KPI project. Captain Szymanski reports that the meeting was “very dynamic”.

A further regional meeting was held in Singapore where members and guests enjoyed presentations on the KPI Project, e-commerce and a discussion by Intertanko on shore reception facilities, before visiting the NYK training facilities on the island.

Returning to the UK Captain Szymanski said: “These are the first few in a series of regional meetings which are proving very popular with our membership. It is great to have the opportunity to meet members face-to-face and to discuss their concerns as well as learn of their achievements. Our Far Eastern members were keen for us to visit them and in fact the meetings were such a success that we have already planned the next one in September!”

He continued: “We believe it is important for a global organisation like InterManager to ensure it is available to all its members wherever they are based. This is why InterManager has instigated regular regional meetings which will be held throughout the world. I am looking forward to meeting many more members and potential members over the coming months.”

Together, InterManager members manage more than 3,700 ships and almost 200,000 seafarers. The Association is uniquely dedicated to addressing the challenges of managing ships and represents the whole ship management sector at international and governmental level. As well as third party and in-house managers, InterManager offers Associate membership to related companies and organisations including crew managers, ship suppliers and shipping industry stakeholders.