Intellian unveils new 60cm class antenna at SMM exhibition

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e3e3c0fd-4666-4915-aea3-128304de5a04Intellian Technologies, the provider of maritime satellite communications and entertainment systems, has unveiled its latest new product – the v65 ­- at this year’s SMM show in Hamburg, Germany.

It is claimed the 60cm class satellite communications system operating in Ku-band, delivers best-in-class RF performance by a substantial margin and the improved performance capability will enable service providers to build new global service plans targeting high volume market segments.

“We’re particularly excited about this product, because we feel it has the potential to really shake things up in the market.  The improved RF performance over all other 60cm offerings combines extremely well with the high throughput Ku-band capacity now coming online,” said Eric Sung, President and CEO of Intellian.

“With this new tool at their disposal, our Service Provider partners can offer incredible new value propositions to the highest volume market sectors.”

Marlink, one of Intellian’s oldest and closest partners, will be among the first to offer the v65 for use on its new 60cm global network, announced earlier this year at the Posidonia event in Athens, Greece.

“Intellian’s v65 helps us to enable this new class of service and allows for expansion of our 60cm network to include full global coverage,” said Tore Morten Olsen, President Maritime from Marlink.

“Testing on our network confirms the v65 performs to our satisfaction.  The added efficiency helps support a broad range of new service levels, each providing true broadband connectivity at an increased value.”

The v65 is built on Intellian’s latest generation 60-80cm class pedestal, which was also used to develop a special product for the Korean Coast Guard.  With roughly 100 units operating in the field for nearly three years now, the Coast Guard is pleased with the product quality and reliability.  The new design features updated motor technology.  Intellian’s new motors contain built-in encoders, which improve tracing precision while eliminating three belts from the three-axis stabilized system for a more streamlined design.

Another exciting new feature of the system is that with the v65 there will no longer be a need to remove the radome during installation or testing.  The systems will be shipped without the traditional red brackets designed to secure the system during transit.  A new methodology ensures these are no longer needed.

Direct cable connections provided on the bottom exterior of the radome eliminate the need for technicians to do any wiring inside during installation.  Intellian’s professional-grade dual cable approach and direct-mount RF design supports BUC sizes anywhere from 4W to 25W out of the box.

“The adjustments we’ve made to eliminate any work inside the radome are all about scale.  Demand for better connectivity is always increasing and we need to deliver solutions to market that can help meet that demand efficiently,” said Matthew Galston, Director of Product Management at Intellian.

“This system is targeted at higher volume sectors of the maritime market, such as Commercial Shipping, Fishing, Coastal Defense, OSV and Yachting,” said Mr Galston.

“Quick installation is key, but so is the ability to move these units smoothly through our logistical process, including testing at all three of our global logistics centers.  Partners will benefit from even shorter lead times.”

The v65 will be available for rapid delivery from any one of Intellian’s three global logistics centres, located in Korea, Rotterdam and Irvine, CA.  The system is on display this week at SMM.