Independent guide published to support owners and operators with scrubber investment decisions


Marine Scrubbers The Guide 2015Fathom Maritime Intelligence, the specialist market intelligence provider for the maritime industry, has announced the launch of a new, independent guide that will support ship owners and operators in making investment decisions for marine scrubber systems.

The market for marine scrubbers has rapidly evolved and they are increasingly becoming a technology of choice for compliance. The release of this Guide follows the tightening of regulatory control of sulphur emissions in Emission Control Areas in January 2015 when the limits for the sulphur content in marine fuel dropped from 1% to 0.1%, forcing ship owners and operators to consider marine scrubbers as one compliance option.

Furthermore, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other significant industry bodies have indicated that the worldwide 0.5% sulphur cap is likely to be implemented in 2020. Although the formal review is still pending, this drop in the worldwide sulphur cap will further drive ship owners and operators to make decisions around investment in marine scrubber technologies.

Marine Scrubbers: The Guide 2015 was developed by Fathom to support ship owners and operators in the complex and changing market. As such, it provides regulatory insight, market uptake statistics, cost analysis and an assessment of practical considerations for the installation and operation of a marine scrubber coupled with an extensive, independent review of all marine scrubber systems and suppliers.

Catherine Austin, Executive Director, Fathom Maritime Intelligence said: “This Guide is the ‘one-stop-shop for regulatory, financial and practical considerations for the integration of marine scrubber systems on ships.

“Fathom’s mission is to support owners and operators with operational and compliance challenges and that is why we have developed this comprehensive resource.”