IMO Secretary-General candidate presents his vision

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klyuevVitaly Klyuev, the official Russian candidate for the IMO Secretary-General post, has held a presentation on the current IMO issues and his vision of the organisation development.

The presentation took place in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands today (Tuesday) and the meeting was attended by the IMO Member States representatives responsible for Port State Control.

Mr Klyuev introduced his maritime and diplomatic background, the scope of his current responsibilities in Russia, with its 68 seaports having access to three oceans, over 60 bilateral maritime agreements and most of the IMO conventions implemented.

“IMO is a member driven organisation. Any decisions should be taken only by the Member States and implemented through the established procedures. The IMO role according to the UN Convention on IMO is to develop technical standards for shipping which should be global and universal”, he said.

The immediate IMO tasks according to Mr Klyuev are to minimise the paperwork load on shipmasters, improve the adoption of regulations and their implementation schemes through the analysis of the regulations effect before adoption and after implementation.

IMO should continue the reforms initiated by the current Secretary-General and it is possible to keep them within the current budget of the Organization, said Mr Klyuev. According to him, IMO needs to introduce a quality management system in the Secretariat and to formalise the Secretariat team responsibilities. The sub-committee agendas and activity should be verified and adjusted to avoid any overlapping and running the documents in a circle between sub-committees.

“The Secretariat should play an active role in the involvement of all the parties concerned to the development of new documents and establish an efficient scheme of communication even with the smallest Member States”, said Mr Klyuev.

The Russian delegation from the Paris MOU 48 PSC Committee, which is held this week in the Netherlands, expressed full support for the Klyuev’s candidature for the post of the IMO Secretary-General on behalf of the Russian maritime community and stressed that his background, knowledge and experience make him the most suitable candidate to the role of the Organization leader.