IMO Maritime Ambassador meets with sailing students in Tenerife


Captain Antonio M Padrón y Santiago, IMO Maritime Ambassador and Maritime Authority of Tenerife, recently held a meeting with young students of a sailing course organised by the Royal Nautical Club of Tenerife.

During the meeting, the children visited the facilities of the Harbour Master’s Office, the SCC of the Port Authority and the MRCC of SASEMAR.

IMO Maritime Ambassadors are encouraged to share their passion about the maritime world with others, particularly young people who are starting out on their further education, apprenticeships and career pathways.

By reaching out, IMO Maritime Ambassadors can engage, inspire and call upon young people to consider careers at sea or in the maritime industries. The goal is to reach new target audiences and inspire a new generation of maritime experts and seafarers.

More information can be found at the IMO kids website: