IMO issues call for views on Global Integrated Shipping Information System


The IMO Secretariat is asking users of the Global Integrated Shipping Information System (GISIS) to complete a questionnaire to understand their views on the operation, effectiveness and efficiency of the system. Findings from the survey will play a pivotal role in formulating proposals for the improvement and further utilization of the system.

GISIS is a comprehensive online hub for the collection, processing and sharing of shipping-related data. It includes a wide range of modules, including those on: contact points; global SAR plan; incidents of piracy; marine casualties; ship and company particulars; and port reception facilities.

It is designed to assist IMO Member States and the Secretariat in carrying out their respective and complementary duties. There is a publicly accessible version of GISIS which provides 27 modules with information about shipping. Registration is required.

The questionnaire, running until 6 March 2023, is open to Member States, international organisations and public users with an IMO web account. It includes questions about the platform’s search functionality, presentation of information, and ease of navigation.
Access the questionnaire here or navigate to it via GISIS.

The survey follows the decision of the IMO Secretary-General to undertake a holistic review of GISIS, to enhance the utilization and efficacy of the platform. The review process aims to evaluate the functionality of each GISIS module in depth and identify specific actions to improve the portal and the overall user experience.

Survey findings will also provide valuable information to a recently launched project, “Establishment of an IT-enabled programme for improved data analysis to support policy development and decision-making at IMO”. One of its aims is to develop GISIS as the Organization’s main repository of operational data, whilst also providing a framework for the utilization and analysis of data to support the work of IMO.
At the IMO Council’s 128th session, the Secretary-General was invited to provide additional information to a future meeting on the status and outcome of the GISIS review and data management project. Evidence from the GISIS survey will inform discussions at a future IMO Council session.