IMHA to launch new charity

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A new charitable company will be launched by the International Maritime Health Association (IMHA) next week with the aim of developing standards and improving quality in maritime health practices.

The IMHA Quality project will formally change from a project to a company at the launch in Manila next Thursday (25th October) along with the creation of another new subsidiary company, IMHA Quality Services.

The Executive Committee which has been managing these developments under the IMHA Steering Committee will cease to exist and the two new companies will be under the direction of boards of trustees and directors. Three members of the IMHA Quality Board of Trustees will be chosen by the IMHA Board and they will nominate further trustees from interested stakeholders so the company will retain close links with IMHA yet be open to the influence of those stakeholders who will benefit most from the programme.

The IMHA Quality charity will aim to “improve the quality and effectiveness of the interventions used to prevent and treat illness in seafarers or to improve their safety. These include assessment, evaluation and research on the importance of different risks to seafarer’s health and on the provision of maritime health services.”

Clinics will be able to sign up to the programme, then pay a fee to access the necessary documentation required to begin the process of working towards accreditation with IMHA Quality.

An IMHA spokesman said: “We are well on the way to a real, validated and peer reviewed accreditation programme for those providing pre-employment or pre-embarkation medical examinations for seafarers that will be truly internationally recognised.

“Once this programme is fully underway we will be able to add both standards and accreditation for other maritime services such as port health clinics and telemedical services.”