Piraeus lying idle but waiting for work

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The two hour trip from Piraeus to Hydra is a monotonous yet calming experience. The Flying Dolphin cuts its way through the surf, speeding faster and faster to its never changing destination, reports Sean Moloney from Athens.

But passengers travelling between the Greek mainland and the surrounding islands now have their regular view interrupted by what seems to be a floating graveyard of ships of all descriptions. As many as 40 were counted on this brief sojourn and there are bound to be more. But seeing tankers and general cargo vessels lying idle alongside their car carrying cousins is indicative indeed of the malaise hitting this fine industry. And the situation doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

An overcapacity of tonnage and a dearth of cargo is humbling the proud ships this proud nation owns and operate and Barak Obama’s words of possible global economic recovery cut little ice as owners look to a bleak future. I, for one, hope my next journey to Hydra is not a ship spotting exercise.