ICS Ship Recycling Guide, first edition, out now


The ICS Ship Recycling Guide, first edition, is out now. Following the announcement from Bangladesh of its intent to ratify the Hong Kong Convention, a significant move towards ensuring that decommissioned vessels do not unnecessarily endanger human health, safety, or the environment, compliance with ship recycling regulations is now more important than ever.

This essential new guide includes comprehensive guidance on the IMO Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships and explains the differences between the European Union Ship Recycling Regulation and the Hong Kong Convention, ensuring that companies are in compliance with the applicable law.

With practical advice and guidance, this guide will help readers: navigate the complexities of maintaining the IHM throughout the ship’s life; prepare a ship for recycling; and make informed decisions that benefit both operations and the environment.

Ship Recycling Guide, first edition, is priced at £130 and is available in print and e-book. Find out more and order from ICS Publications.