IBIA appoints Chief Executive under new board structure


Ian Adams has been assigned as the first ever Chief Executive Officer of The International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA) under its new transformation from a 25-member Council of Management to a Board of Directors.

Formerly Secretary General of the IBIA which has been governed by Council of Management since its formation in 1993, Ian Adams will be heading up the Association after the decision to restructure reached unanimous agreement by members at last year’s IBIA Convention.

Of the new position, Ian Adams said: “I am honoured to be appointed IBIA’s first ever Chief Executive. The bunker industry faces a number of daunting challenges, and we now believe that we have the executive structure in place at IBIA to help our members best meet these.”

Also newly-appointed, Bunker Claims International Chairman Chris Fisher, added: “The smaller board should be able to focus more easily and move more quickly on issues that affect our members. We expect members to benefit from the changes and will make every effort to move IBIA to the position that when people want to know about bunkers, they automatically come to IBIA.”