Historic construction start for the Stockholm Norvik Port

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29716103695_c69b95f96a_zThe start of construction of the Stockholm Norvik Port and Norvik Logistics and Business Park was celebrated today (Friday).

The ceremony was a well-attended and festive event for both commerce and the general public.

Stockholm is one of Europe’s most rapidly growing capital cities and freight volumes are constantly increasing. To facilitate the sustainable and efficient supply of goods to the region Ports of Stockholm is building a new port for rolling goods and container traffic at Norvik, close to Nynäshamn. NCC will construct the Norvik Logistics and Business Park adjacent to the port, where companies will be able to establish their operations in a dynamic environment, in close proximity to the port, road network, railways and capital city.

The start of construction was celebrated at Norvikudden, where the participants were able to attend an exhibition and discuss the future plans for the area. Several speakers were also on hand to commemorate this historic construction start.

“Stockholm is growing rapidly. This is an important investment in creating an efficient supply of goods and in achieving sustainable urban development and growth in the region,” said Karin Wanngård (S), Mayor of Stockholm.

“Freight volumes are constantly increasing and the Stockholm Norvik Port is an important piece of the jigsaw in developing our ports to be able to handle the volumes and vessel sizes of the future,” said Johan Castwall, Ports of Stockholm Managing Director.

“Stockholm and the Baltic Sea area are both strategically very important and we are delighted to be building on our existing relationship with Ports of Stockholm through this new project. The Stockholm Norvik Port will deliver economic and environmental benefits for trade serving the Stockholm region.” said Clemence Cheng, Managing Director, HPH Europe.

“The Norvik Logistics and Business Park will supplement the port with the services that a port needs in terms of storage, office, service etc. We have already received many enquiries and are very pleased to be able to finally begin work in earnest,” said Svante Hagman, NCC Infrastructure Business Area Manager.

“We have longed to be able to start this initiative, which has great importance for the continued development of Nynäshamn,” said Anna Ljungdell (S), Mayor of Nynäshamn.

Today, nine out of 10 consumer goods arrive in Sweden by sea from other countries. Transferring more cargo away from Sweden’s already congested roads and railways to be transported instead by ship all the way to the heart of Sweden’s largest consumer area means that the supply of goods to the region will be more sustainable.