Health accreditation programme growing steadily

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Hand filling out checklist on clipboardA new scheme, launched by the International Maritime Health Association, to help ensure seafarer health needs are better met has been developing steadily since its launch in October.

The IMHA QUALITY Programme is a quality assurance and accreditation system, with the first phase concentrating on the conduct of seafarer medicals. Later phases will accredit port health clinics, repatriation and rehabilitation providers, shore-based telemedicine advisory services and the provision of maritime occupational health advice.

The not for profit body IMHA QUALITY has two interim trustees – Tim Carter and Alf Magne Horneland –and is in the process of appointing five further trustees, who will then select the final directors for the service company, IMHA QUALITY Services.

Accreditation decisions will be made by an independent Accreditation Committee, chosen by the Trustees, the majority of whom will be independent.

Dr Sally Bell, Executive Secretary and Programme Manager for IMHA QUALITY, said: “If you have any recommendations as to people who may be well placed to advise IMHA QUALITY, either as trustees, or as members of the accreditation committee, or simply advisors, please get in touch, as it is essential that the programme, which was started by IMHA, should continue to satisfy the aspirations of our members.”

She said the virtual office was now up and running with a number of clinics already signed up to the process. Other interested clinics can register online at and start work towards accreditation with the help of an IMHA QUALITY advisor.