Hanseaticsoft to showcase innovative software that is revolutionising ship management at Europort 2019

Hanseaticsoft, a leading provider of maritime software, will use its presence at Europort (5th to 8th November) to showcase leading-edge technology that is set to drive the future of ship management. With ship owners constantly looking to drive further efficiencies and savings, emerging technologies offer an affordable and easy way to deliver on both goals.

This year’s Eurport, in Rotterdam, focuses on specialised ships and smart solutions that drive success. Hanseaticsoft will be demonstrating how Cloud Fleet Manager is helping companies streamline their business and management processes to achieve greater efficiencies and profitability and improving collaboration between teams on shore and at sea – creating a more connected workplace culture. Hanseaticsoft says that by centralising all information and making it available to all employees through the cloud, 25% of daily working time can be saved by using Cloud Fleet Manager which would be otherwise wasted requesting, looking for and validating data.

Cloud Fleet Manager is web-based and can be used without any installation and regardless of the user’s location. It drastically reduces the effort for data exchange and makes insights available for all employees in the office as well as crews at sea. The software suite has more than 30 applications including; Purchase, Inspections & Audits, Schedule & Agents, Crewing, Charter, Risk Assessment, and Maintenance.

The newest addition is CFM Go – a mobile app that enables users of Cloud Fleet Manager to access their data on the move using their smartphone. The app provides users with information on all the vessels under their watch, making them immediately aware of tasks for the day or critical cases. They don’t have to ask colleagues for information or check briefing mails or excel files to see what’s going on.

Alexander Buchmann (pictured), Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft said: “Shipping companies need to embrace technology to stay ahead of the competition. This is becoming easier as more companies have more stable access to the internet at sea, enabling them to take advantage of cloud-based solutions and mobile apps on board that can transform their business processes.

“Cloud-technology is increasingly affordable and doesn’t require investment in new infrastructure or training. As the software is intuitive, office staff as well as crew members can use the system with minimal training. We look forward to meeting potential customers at Europort and demonstrating how cloud technology can drive their business forward.”