Hanseaticsoft launches updated ‘Rest Hours module’ to prevent fatigue onboard

Hanseaticsoft, a provider of innovative, cloud-based maritime software, has launched an updated version of its Rest Hours module as part of its Cloud Crewing software solution, designed to look after the wellbeing of seafarers and help prevent tiredness on ships.

Fatigue and human error have been identified as major contributing factors in shipping accidents. It’s estimated that between 75% and 96% of marine accidents can be attributed to human error.

Furthermore, analysis by insurance specialist AGCS of almost 15,000 marine liability insurance claims between 2011 and 2016 shows that human error is behind 75% of the value of all claims analysed, equivalent to over $1.6bn.

However, ensuring seafarers have enough rest and stick to the legal limits on how many hours they can work as set out by the International Labour Organization can be tricky, especially in an industry which has traditionally jotted rest hours on pieces of paper and kept this information in one place.

The Rest Hours module solves this challenge – digitalising and centralising the process via cloud technology. It allows crews to enter their own rest hours rather than relying on someone else to collect and enter the data. This means they can access their own data and ensure the correct times have been entered.

The Rest Hours module has recently been certified by Lloyd’s Register as compliant with its guidelines and standards, as well as the international MLC 2006 Fitness for Duty guidelines – so shipping companies can be confident they are following the correct procedures.

Alexander Buchmann, Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft said: “Technology is streamlining onboard processes enabling companies to easily connect on and offshore teams so they can collaborate on every aspect of crew management and administration. Our module is helping to improve the wellbeing of seafarers, ensuring decent working conditions and preventing fatigue on ships – all of which are key factors in achieving a reliably working ship, as well as an efficient crew and officers and better ship safety. “Now crews can keep track of their time on and off duty easily and efficiently, and managers can monitor this in real-time. We’ve implemented all the standards necessary to be compliant with global industry rules, enabling shipping companies to avoid any problems with Port State Control.”

Hanseaticsoft is going a step further in looking after the health and wellbeing of seafarers. Last year they were selected to work on an EU-funded ‘e-healthy ship’ project, to provide software solutions focusing on the physical and mental health of crews at sea.

Currently the team is collating data from four ships on crew’s health, knowledge and understanding of health issues. This data will be used to develop an e-health platform which will contain central information and an admin ‘pool’ for seafarers to manage illnesses on board as well as administer medications.

The overall aim is the increased independency of crew members to access relevant health information and, even if no doctor is onboard, know how to react in certain cases of illness or injury. The e-health platform is expected to be launched at the end of 2021.