Hanseaticsoft and Solitwork form strategic partnership to enhance digital reporting in shipping


Hanseaticsoft and Solitwork have announced a strategic partnership with the aim of jointly improving shipping companies’ ability to provide ship owners and managers with enhanced and automated reporting options, further improving business decision making.

By combining Hanseaticsoft’s cloud-based innovative ‘Cloud Fleet Manager’ with Solitwork’s ‘AFC Maritime Analytics’ each company can benefit from the other’s strengths to offer improved and automatic decision making for their clients. Hanseaticsoft, part of the Lloyd’s Register Group, offers software solutions to optimize workflows in shipping companies, while Solitwork specialises in offering digital finance to digitalize the CFO area.

Using the integrated services, shipping companies can easily create their own detailed reports, focusing on the exact aspects or KPIs that are relevant to them at each given time. Reports are automatically created by the system using existing operational and financial data.

Thanks to a fully automated integration of data, the time-consuming and exhausting task of manually collecting, compiling, and editing data for reporting can be completely removed. This way, drastically reducing the time needed to create and evaluate an overview of the company’s performance.

Mads D. Soerensen, CEO of Solitwork, commented: “Reporting within shipping has been accompanied with a huge manual effort. Data had to be collected from several sources or systems and was often provided in varying formats. With a combination of AFC Maritime Analytics and Cloud Feed Manager we expect to eliminate manual processes for the benefit of our clients”.

Alexander Buchmann (pictured), Managing Director of Hanseaticsoft, said: “We have seen an increasing demand for easier and more detailed reporting in shipping companies for several years and have focused our work accordingly. We are very happy about our new strategic partnership and that we can once again enhance our reporting capabilities, offering our customers even more insight into their data.”