Gulf Marine Services wins two new contract awards


UAE-based Gulf Marine Services (GMS), a leading supplier of self-propelled and self-elevating support vessels for the offshore oil, gas, and renewables sectors, is pleased to announce the award of two new contracts for one of its small K-Class vessels (pictured) in the Middle East Gulf region.

The company says that the daily rates secured for these contracts reflect strong demand for its vessels. The first contract is set to commence at the end of Q1, and the second at the start of Q3, spanning a cumulative period of 272 days.

Mansour Al Alami GMS Executive Chairman commented: “These awards reflect positively on the continued strength of market conditions, and we are optimistic about the prospects for the remainder of 2023, with high levels of utilisation and a tight market continuing to be reflected in the day rates achieved”.

The GMS fleet of 13 SESVs is amongst the youngest in the industry, with an average age of eight years. The vessels support GMS’s clients in a broad range of offshore oil and gas platform refurbishment and maintenance activities, well intervention work and offshore wind turbine maintenance work, as well as offshore oil and gas platform installation and decommissioning and offshore wind turbine installation.

The SESVs are categorised by size – K-Class (Small), S-Class (Mid) and E-Class (Large) – with these capable of operating in water depths of 45m to 80m depending on leg length. The vessels are four-legged and are self-propelled, which means they do not require tugs or similar support vessels for moves between locations in the field; this makes them significantly more cost-effective and time-efficient than conventional offshore support vessels without self-propulsion. They have a large deck space, crane capacity and accommodation facilities (for up to 300 people) that can be adapted to the requirements of the Group’s clients.