GTMaritime reports significant rise in fleet data usage


Leading provider of secure maritime data communications software, GTMaritime, has reported a significant rise in fleet data usage, with a 35% increase in monthly throughput recorded between 1 November 2022 and 31 October 2023.

Jamie Jones (pictured), Operations Director, GTMaritime, said: “Over the last 12 months, we have seen the amount of data used by vessels increase from 7.8 terabits a month to more than 10.6 terabits. This is a massive increase in data usage, and while part of that growth is due to a rise in the number of vessels using GTMaritime solutions, there has also been a 22% increase in the average amount of data per mailbox recorded over the same reporting period.”

With more LEO networks coming online and further reductions in maritime data costs, Jones expects the trend to continue into the new year and beyond. “Advances in maritime digitalisation and satellite communications have given the industry access to far higher bandwidths than ever before, and the introduction of LEO networks is another massive step forward in maritime connectivity. Increased data flows also heighten the need for secure, reliable and maritime-optimised solutions.”

The growing demand has brought continuous investment from GTMaritime to enhance its portfolio of secure maritime data communications solutions, added Jones, in line with evolving customer needs.

In its most recent upgrade, GTMaritime has redesigned user dashboards for its GTDeploy and GTReplicate products to offer a more consistent and simplified experience for managing vessels, file replications and software updates. The upgrades increase productivity by improving software workflows, to provide greater support for larger fleets and onboard computer systems.